Butt Selfies

There aren’t too many things finer in life than a great butt selfie. Capturing the curve of a luscious bum can please almost anyone. And thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of selfies out there focusing on just that – the bum.

As is our job, we spent many, many hours scouring through the greatest (and worst) butt selfies we could find – so you don’t have to. And so, we present to you, a collection of the most astonishing butt selfies out there. Enjoy.

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    In the end, the curves on a butt are simply a scene to be admired, in the many different shapes and sizes they come in. From the large, to the small, and the everything in between. Not many eyes can stray from the temptation of gazing upon well-defined curve.

    There's something oddly satisfying to the human mind when the shape of a perfectly curved butt has been captured through a well-taken selfie. Some of the most desired and notable natural shapes in nature produce a similar arc to that of the butt. The smooth, radiating arcs are simply a shape we long for, and vastly enjoy.

    So, in saying that, to all the gorgeous women who’ve taken it upon themselves to realise their beauty and share it with all of us to enjoy. All the butt selfies you see above have been carefully curated to create a collection only the perfect butts.

    In the end, we hope you’ve gained whatever satisfaction it is you desired by browsing through our collections. But, we’re always open to new suggestions.

    If you have a specific butt selfie in mind you think would be a fine fit for the album, reach out to us. We’re always looking to improve, what we’ve now come to call – Luminous Butt Selfies to Brighten Your World.