Boob Selfies

Breasts, tits, melons, whatever you want to call them, none of them come close to the classic – boobs. Boobs are a wonderful thing. And although some generations are trying to de-sexualize them, they can keep on trying, because it’s never going to happen. The sweet curvature, fluffiness, and squeeze-potential of boobs making them almost perfect for taking boob selfies.

The boob selfie is only a recent occurrence in human society. But we’re welcoming it with open arms. The smartphone has given millions and millions of women around the world to ability to capture themselves in a specific moment. Thankfully, millions and millions have also chosen that specific moment to be showing off one of their prized assets – their boobs.

Boob selfies come in all sort of different sizes, shapes, and positions. As there are, literally millions, of boob selfies out there, we thought we’d sort through a small portion of them and present the best right here.

And so, welcome to some of the finest boob selfies known to man. Enjoy.

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