Welcome to Selfiemood

The World’s #1 Selfie Curator

Selfiemood was put together when its creators became overwhelmed with frustration during a quest for exceptional quality selfies. The vast majority of websites we came across seemed to show a complete disregard for quality or quantity.

Instead, they were put together for one reason only – money. Thousands upon thousands if unregulated, uncategorised, and unworthy selfies, spammed to death across their platforms. Leading to a highly unsatisfying end to our, far-too-extended, journey.

And so, with a little time on our hands, we took the journey another time, but this time with another purpose in mind. To save all those who are preparing to take the same journey, a ridiculous amount of time.

Welcome to Selfemood. The World’s #1 Selfie Curator.

Selfiemood houses only the finest selfies taken by women. Butts, cleavage, tight dresses, bikinis, lingerie, thongs, yoga pants – you name it. If there’s a style or position which a women exudes allure, there’ll likely be a category of selfies for it.

Before you take your now-shortened journey to find the greatest selfies, we’d like to thank one more invention on top of the smartphone. The mirror.

Although it’s inventor likely never realised how many moments would be captured forever using it, we’ve come to love it for how we’ve adapted to use it. Thank you.

Now go on, enjoy the world’s best selfies. Pick your category and start exploring: